The Project

Ionas is an innovative editorial project: giving the public free access to rare and previously-unpublished texts, with new editions or/and new translations, in digital format.

Our Engagement

The texts published by Ionas are edited and/or translated by benevolent collaborators. It is very important to us that the books we provide should match the standards of the best publishers on the market. Therefore, the selection of the texts and the editorial work are done with utmost care. We strive to satisfy the most scrupulous reader, and to bring to light long-lasting, reliable editions.


All the books on our catalogue fulfill at least one of the following requirements :

  • To be a new translation or a first translation.
  • To be the first edition of a previously-unpublished text.
  • To be a new edition (with annotations, introduction, bibliography, and more or less extensive research work). In this case we favor :
  1. Books unavailable on the market.
  2. Books unavailable on the market and in libraries’ free-access digital collections.
  3. Rare books or texts, not widely known, and/or hard to find in libraries.


We regularly add to this page texts  selected from the digital collections of the world’s libraries: whole books, chapters, short stories and novellas, poems, articles from magazines or newspapers, etc., all in Pdf format.


Ionas gladly receives all propositions, manuscripts, questions, complaints, and more, at this adress: [email protected]